Register for tax duties online

Posted on 27 October 2012 by Accountant

The advantages to be registered for tax online services:

  • You will have access to your tax duties and deadlines 24/7,
  • You can file your tax returns yourself,
  • If you are filing your tax returns yourself you can print out confirmations,
  • You can see all payments and refunds for your tax duties,
  • You can check if your accountant filed your tax returns for you.

You can register for Revenue Online Service (ROS) on

You can register for Revenue Online Service (ROS) within a day. You can get all the passwords needed over the phone.

Three steps to register online for your tax duties:

Step 1: Apply for your ROS Access Number (RAN)

Fill in:

– for tax type choose Income Tax
– for Reg. Number, write your PPS number.

Continue with Submit.

You should receive a letter with code/password from Revenue (tax office) within couple of days.
If you want to get the password quicker you can call your local tax office.

How you find out your local tax office?
Go to:

Click on Contact Locator.

Enter your PPS number, pick up Income tax and you will get contact information for your local tax office.
After you get your code/password (RAN) you can continue with second step.

Step 2: Apply for your Digital Certificate

Enter your RAN number.

You will receive another password from Revenue (tax office) within couple of days.
You can speed it up by calling your local tax office and asking for that password.
When you get your password, you can continue with third step.

Step 3: Retrieve your Digital Certificate

You will save a document file (Digital Certificate) on your C: drive through this step.

Accept general terms and conditions.

Fill in:

– for tax type choose Income Tax
– for Reg. Number write your PPS number

Continue with Next.

You should get a new window offering to save file on your C: drive. I recommend to keep the default destination C:/ros/RosCerts.

Your registration is ready now.

How to login into your Tax Online Services?

Go to:

Click on Login to ROS.

You need to have installed most up to date JAVA software for login facility to work properly.

Enter name and password you chose when you retrieved your digital certificate.

If you have difficulties with registration please contact directly ROS helpline tel: 1890 201 106 or email:

Rarely there can occur system errors; for example you cannot get through second step, you can get system error despite the fact that you input all details correctly or retrieving Digital Certificate doesn’t work etc. In those cases it is necessary to contact directly ROS helpline and ask for help.

If you have any questions, you can leave comment below.