Bookkeeping Spreadsheet for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping spreadsheet for all who want to do their bookkeeping themselves or you have accounts practice and have a lot of small clients. Suitable for start-ups and small businesses (Limited company or self-employed).
Standard bookkeeping spreadsheet consist of 19 tabs.

Standard bookkeeping spreadsheet fee is €30.

Standard bookkeeping spreadsheet + 3 hours of customisation service for €100.

Buy and download bookkeeping template here.

You can save money on bookkeeping services, if you are doing it yourself. Some accountancy companies are offering lower fees, if you provide them with excel spreadsheet with all your business transactions.


Click here for bookkeeping template screenshots.


You can use spreadsheet for single-entry (one transaction per row) or double-entry (two and more transaction per row) bookkeeping.

Single-entry bookkeeping is suitable for small business (generally self-employed people), not VAT registered, for recording only income and expenditure with Profit and Loss Account.

I recommend double-entry bookkeeping for all companies and self-employed people who are VAT registered and have bigger amount of transactions, who want to keep an eye on creditors and unpaid invoices. In double-entry system, you have Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. All accounts needs to balance to be correct.

Customisation services

If you have special requirements I can adjust the spreadsheet to your needs.

For example I can change chart of accounts, months order if you have different period than Jan-Dec, VAT/RCT codes/periods, adding extra reports or simplify template by removing unnecessary stuff like VAT/RCT if you are not registered for those etc.

After you will review the standard template, please send me email with explanation/instructions what you need to have changed or added and I will do my best to help you as soon as possible.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me:

my email: